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In addition to the routine medical evaluation required by s. 1006. 20 Florida Statutes and FHSAA Bylaw 9. EL2 Florida High School Athletic Association Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Page 1 of 3 Revised 03/16 This completed form must be kept on file by the school. This form is valid for 365 calendar days from the date of the evaluation as written on page 2. This form is non-transferable a change of schools during the validity period of this form will require page 1 of this form to be...
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This is the first step of our online medical eligibility evaluation process. If this form has been completed and submitted for each child as required by the Florida High School Physical Education Course of Study (HOPE) regulations, a valid certification has been issued for that child. If this form has not been completed and submitted for each child, a notification letter/info sheet will be sent to the school informing the school about the pending application/applicability. All HOPE regulations must be followed. HOPE regulations cannot be changed without a parent or legal guardians concurrence. It may take from up to 60 days for a school system to be notified of a child's medical eligibility or application status. If a school system has not been contacted with a completed application/applicability form for a child within 60 days of receiving the required notification letter/info sheet, then the child does not have approval to participate on the FHS PE team. If multiple applications/applications are received in the 60-day period before a school system is contacted, then the school can accept only one application or registration of a child or applicant for the entire 60 days in this manner. NOTE: If a school is located in a jurisdiction with different physical education licensure regulations than those of HOPE, then a teacher or administrator may be required to have a letter from the appropriate regulatory agency in order to approve physical education school registration. Once a child has been determined eligible to participate on a FHS PE team and their application was submitted or approved, the school system MUST have an active registration form for that child to participate on the FHS PE team. In addition, the school system must have a student letter which is dated and signed by a physician (preferably the physician who examined the child) prior to the day the parent is notified the child is eligible to participate for a particular year. A school system that chooses to use or participate in any way in the FHS PE program must meet all HOPE regulations. The child who is a student of a school district or private school in the State of Florida may not participate in the FHS PE program for a particular academic year at a high school level, and if the parents or legal guardian is notified on the day of graduation the child does not complete all prerequisite courses in order to participate on the FHS PE team.
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